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Guide to Intro's email processing

Intro connects candidates with companies through email. We take email security very seriously. This is a brief guide to help you choose the right setup for your organization and needs.

Purpose of Intro's Service

We assist companies in directly and personally connecting with candidates for recruitment. One or more users from our client will specify a set of criteria (a requirement profile) for the type of candidates relevant to recruitment - for a specific job. After reviewing the candidates, the user, through email contact, will reach out to the identified candidates. The email contact is initiated within the Intro platform.

The outcome of the email contact is a number of responsive candidates. The responses and dialogues (first and second emails) with each candidate are automatically recorded in the Intro platform. Responses will be categorized through machine reading into various categories such as 'interest,' 'no interest,' 'on parental leave,' etc., depending on the candidate's response.

Intro's platform can be likened to an email client with limitations - we require permission to create, send, and read emails.

Will the service read emails from the user's inbox, and if so, for what purpose?

Yes, email communication linked to a specific email address (the identified candidate) - the first and second response. This is done to categorize the candidate's responses.

Are emails sent from Intro on behalf of the user?

No email contacts occur without the user's approval. The Intro platform will initiate contact with candidates and requires permission to create and send emails. It is fully transparent in the platform which candidates will be and have been contacted.

Is there a way to bypass linking to one's real email?

It is possible to create an alternative email address (note: not an alias) internally, thus only sharing information available on that specific email, or alternatively, our Customer Success team can set up an external domain with the customer's name.

As an Intro user, what information will be shared about us with the candidate?

During each email contact with a candidate, information is shared as determined by the user - in a regular email with a job inquiry. Additionally, with each contact, a Privacy Notice is shared in the user's signature, regulating the use of the candidate's personal information, how this is regulated, and the purpose of use.

How is the use of personal data regulated between us and the parties involved?

We regulate the use and processing of personal data through a 'Data Processing Agreement.'

How is our data securely preserved?

Intro's service undergoes rigorous audits and penetration tests with a third party. The service is built on Qualifier.ai for email processing, which uses SOC 2 certified services, supports EU SCC, and is designed to comply with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and FINRA regulations.

Where is our data stored?

The data is stored either through Loopia in Västerås or on Google's servers in the Netherlands and does not leave the EU borders according to a separately established agreement.