What statistics can I find in my reports?

We are all about helping you be more data driven in your candidate talent mapping, the skills sourcing and the candidate outreach.

We look at these statistics:

  • Where is your talent coming from?
  • Where is your outreach the most effective?
  • What positions works the best?
  • What candidate communication works the best?
  • Is my talent acquisition strategy working?

By looking at aggregated talent data and multiple public data sources, we help you gain insight and automatically optimize your sourcing strategy without you having to think about it.

More hands on in the every day life with Intro, we measure response and open rates on four different levels per:

  • Individual user and position
  • A specific email sequence
  • A specific email in an email sequence
  • Aggregated on a company level

If you are interested in company wide statistics and get an even better analysis on how your outreach is performing, talk to your customer success representative or send an email to support@intro.io.